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Writer’s block:  What is it really?

We hear it more often than we’d like:  A person who’s been tasked to write content for a website or brochure misses a deadline because of “writer’s block.”

Is writer’s block a legitimate condition?  Copyblogger’s John Carlton thinks not.  He maintains it’s more a symptom of not being prepared.  In his view, if someone is struggling to write, the key is to keep researching and learning about the topic at hand until it become crystal clear what needs to be said.  And then the writing will come naturally and effortlessly.

Writer and blogger Andy Crestodina is even more blunt in his assessment:  “Writer’s block is your internal BS detector stopping you from writing something uninteresting or poorly researched.  It’s a natural check against churning out cr*p.  It’s a good thing!”

So the next time someone tells you they’re suffering from writer’s block, question them a bit further.  Chances are, it’s a symptom of what Messrs. Carlton and Crestodina have identified as the real challenges of writing fresh, compelling content.

We routinely help our clients avoid the pitfalls of “writer’s block.”  Let us assist you as well.


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