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B2B Marketing: When One Prospect is actually Five …

Most B2B companies have a finite set of prospects.  

But even if you know who your key prospects are, how well do you really know them?  Because the reality is that each B2B prospect is made up of multiple targets … and each of them responds to different messaging.

Consider these diverse audience targets and how best to communicate with them:

Engineers – They may be the first ones to recognize the need for a new technology or improved functionality.  They’re also keenly interested in product specs, perfor-mance data, and dimensional drawings.  They can be your biggest ally within a company, but you must give them access to the tools that will turn them into your advocates.

Purchasing Specialists – These people are charged with finding quality suppliers at the best possible price, so their motivations aren’t always aligned with engineering.  They’re likely receptive to any cost-saving programs and discounts you can offer.  Since they handle multiple procurement projects at once, they value easy access to information.  Don’t make them hunt around for it.  

Influencers – They play a balancing role between engineers who seek the “best” solution and purchasing specialists who focus on the price tag. They’re receptive to “long-term value” messaging that might point to a different supplier in the end.

Decision-makers – Final decision-makers could be a CEO, a COO, a CFO, or the head of engineering. They listen to the recommendations of others, but they may also be swayed by considerations such as domestic versus offshore sources. Their perspectives may differ from others, which may result in a “surprising” decision if you’re not tapped into their line of thinking.

And that’s not all: In some companies, there are other important audiences, too. Diversity Officers, for instance. How can you position your company to align with their goals?

Don’t forget Quality Officers, either.  For them, make 
your certifications and accreditations as visible as possible.
Remember, you have more than one prospect in a  company. To increase your odds of sealing the deal, make sure you’re speaking to each one of them effectively.


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