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B2B Email Marketing: You’ve got a little list

That character in Gilbert & Sullivan’s Mikado isn’t the only one who’s worrying about having a good list. B2B email marketing lists aren’t all that easy to build. Many coveted executive targets – even at the middle management level – aren’t very eager to divulge their e-addresses, for fear of getting a pile of unwanted commercial messages.

Tried checking your in-house files for email data? If you’re like most businesses, you’ll find you have e-addresses for only 20% to 25% of your contacts. But with all the communications potential of email, every missing address is a lost opportunity for future sales, and for forging closer relationships.  

How to remedy the problem? Don’t rely on purchased lists – they’re expensive and often inaccurate. Instead, request the information using telephone contacts or, better yet, face-to-face requests by your sales personnel. When all is said and done, this is the most effective (and courteous) way to gather the data.  

Of course, if certain people aren’t comfortable providing this information, by all means respect their privacy!


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