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B2B Recycling: Content … or malcontent?

Here’s an interesting observation about B2B buying: 

The typical customer goes more than 50% through the decision process before ever interacting with a supplier or its sales reps.  This means you need to offer a steady stream of visible, accessible content to attract and engage these buyers from the very start.

And if you don’t … someone else will fill the void.

Developing fresh content can be a challenge for marketing staffs, since many have been running lean in recent years.  But there are ways to do so by repurposing content that already exists within your company. 

Here are a few ways to go about it:

  • Cross-Pollinizing – Whatever content you create for your e-newsletter, blog or website … try to apply it across all of the other channels.  Usually, you’ll need only modest adjustments to the content for it to “work” in the different venues.
  • Social Media Posts – It’s easy to create a series of LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and/or Facebook posts using snippets from your blog posts or other information.  Use them to drive traffic back to your original content.
  • Visual presentations – Take an article or blog post and turn it into a slideshow illustrated with graphics and visuals.  Post the presentations to outlets like SlideShare and LinkedIn. 
  • Videos – Chances are, you have informative PowerPoint® presentations from your sales or technical personnel that could become videos by adding voiceover narration.  Post the presentations to outlets such as SlideShare and YouTube.
  • Podcasts – Turning an article into a podcast can be as simple as reading it aloud.  There are various production tools that make it easy to record a podcast.

While there’s no completely “effortless” avenue for content creation, with a little foresight and ingenuity you can get more out of your MarComm efforts and significantly improve your visibility as a result.


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