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B2B tips for effective commercial social media marketing

It’s no secret that companies are struggling a bit in figuring out how to make social media work.  The reality is this: Many organizations have found that the promise of social media is largely unfulfilled.

The key is to success in social is to continually remind yourself of the idea of “reciprocity.”  It comes down to a single tenet:  It’s not beneficial to keep investing in a one-way relationship — for either party.

Whether you’re a B2B company or one that targets consumer audiences, an effective social network is based on a foundation made up of three key elements:

    • Communication
    • Sharing
    • Reciprocity


When you look at your company’s Twitter feeds, LinkedIn Profile or Facebook page, what do you see?  

  • Is there “shared value” between you and your audience?
  • Is virtually all the communication going out from you … or are there people responding, too?
  • Is the social interaction based on “steak” or “sizzle”?

In the B2B realm particularly, the most effective commercial social networks come down to sharing valuable data. These companies have become more open about sharing the wealth of information and intelligence they possess – the very knowledge that makes them important within their industry to begin with.  

So, when thinking social, start thinking like a publisher.  Share information of true value, establish a forum for interaction, and solicit active feedback. Get this right, and your social networks will start to grow and thrive.


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