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Email appending can work if you play your cards right.

For marketers, eemail promotion is a no-brainer … except for all the contacts in your database that contain no eemail addresses. That’s when email appending can make a positive difference. This is where a data provider takes your contact list containing company names and postal addresses, and unearths companion email addresses.

Some companies shy away from expanding their email database in this fashion for fear of irritating or alienating customers who had refrained from providing their e-information in the first place. Certainly, no one wants to be accused of “spam-mongering.”

So, here are some ways to avoid those pitfalls while gaining the benefits of e-mail appending:

  • Choose a reputable email append service provider. This is incredibly important and sensitive business – dealing with your own customers and prospects – and it’s no time to be working with a hack outfit without a demonstrated track record.
  • Be sure to also provide a “suppression” list of any known opt-out contacts, so that these can be removed from the append process
  • Make the first e-contact to your new email contacts a simple, straightforward announcement and opt-out message. Not only will this help you remove invalid email addresses, it also shows respect for your audience and allows people to opt out without any undue fuss. Have your append service provider conduct this task.

Once these initial steps are completed, you’ll be in great shape to begin your e-marketing campaign – now aimed at more targets than ever before.

What’s the success rate for e-mail appending? Obviously, your success will depend on the strength of your original list … but many companies find that they can obtain e-mail contacts for 15%, 20% or even 25% of their original list.

Considering the low cost and attractive ROI of e-mail marketing, those aren’t bad results at all.

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