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Email clickthrough rate

Email Marketing: Finding the click-through rate sweet spot

If you’re like most marketers, you’re continually honing your craft to deploy more effective email marketing campaigns.  Part of that effort means figuring out which characteristics of an email will produce the highest engagement and clickthrough rates.

Online marketing company Constant Contact has been exploring this as well.  Earlier this year, it analyzed engagement levels with more than 2 million customer emails sent by companies on the Constant Contact platform over several months.  It found that the following characteristics result in the highest clickthrough rates:

  • Approximately 20 lines of text

  • Three or fewer images

Of course, it’s true that each message has its own specific purpose that can impact clickthrough rates.  But generally speaking, if you make your email messaging more concise, less elaborate visually and more easily readable on multiple devices, it will generate a higher clickthrough rate.

There’s one important additional factor influencing engagement with your e-mail communications:  the call to action. What are you trying to get recipients to do after they read your e-mail? If the CTA isn’t clear and compelling, no amount of calibrating the copy length and appearance of your e-communiqué will positively impact the clickthroughs it receives.


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