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For Email Engagement, Smartphones and Tablets are Increasingly where it’s at.

Make no mistake, smartphones and tablets are now big factors in email marketing.  

According to new stats published by Movable Ink, mobile devices account for two-thirds of all email opens in the United States (and they’re happening mainly on Apple mobile devices, by the way).  

Desktops now account for just one-third of the activity.

For marketers, this means creating responsive e-mail campaigns isn’t just an option – it’s a business-critical priority.

That’s the case whether you’re a commercial/industrial company, a healthcare services provider or in the consumer market, because users are gravitating this way across the whole spectrum.

While you’re at it, also consider when people are most likely to open and engage with your email.  For desktops, the most opens happen at the beginning of the week (Monday through Wednesday), whereas with mobile devices it’s the end of the week (Friday through Sunday).

Even the time of day makes a difference:  There’s more email open activity on smartphones in the early morning, whereas tablets experience an uptick in usage at night.


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