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Test-drive your Emails

One of the most powerful aspects of email marketing campaigns is that they can be “tested and tweaked” in numerous ways, leading to greater success.

There are some basic “rules of thumb” for how to approach email marketing, but you may find that adjusting the routine is in order.  

Testing helps get us there.  And according to an email marketing benchmark study conducted by MarketingSherpa, testing is taking many forms.  

Not surprisingly, subject line testing is most prevalent … but take a look at this list to see how popular other testing elements are as well:

  • Subject line testing: 72%
  • Copy/message: 61%
  • Layout and imagery: 50%
  • Call-to-action: 50%
  • Day of the week deployed: 46%
  • Time of day deployed: 39%
  • Personalization: 34%
  • Landing page: 32%
  • Target audience: 30%
  • “From” line content:  26%
  • Mobile layout and images: 15%

If you haven’t done much eemail testing before, consider starting simple.  It’s not too difficult to test a few subject line?or call-to-action variations, and the impact can be significant.

Consider these other points as well for better quality testing:

  • You can run tests that are small … but make them large enough to determine a clear winner. 
  • Test one element at a time so you can compare results properly.  This may seem obvious, but too often no clear action can be taken because this fundamental guideline wasn’t followed. 
  • Run tests on the same days and at the same times – again, so that you can do an “apples-to-apples” comparison.
  • Keep a log of test results. These will help in future MarComm initiatives because this history will enable you to predict audience behaviors and actions with greater accuracy – helping you get closer to the mark the first time.

One other thing:  Testing doesn’t have to be daunting – just done on a consistent basis.  Make testing a part of your standard production processes when building a campaign.


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