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Email Marketing: The another wrinkle

It seems that for every great idea that emerges in the world of ecommunications and email, a downside quickly develops. We saw this first in banner advertising. Next came pop-over and pop-under ads.  

The latest wrinkle comes in the explosion of enewsletters and other “bulk” communications. Trumpeted as cheap, flexible and customizable alternatives to traditional business-to-business direct mail, the proliferating volume of these ecommunications is creating its own set of challenges.

Saddled with groaning email inboxes, more people are signing up for secondary email accounts from services such as Yahoo! and Google. And they’re registering those addresses instead of their more “precious” company or primary personal accounts.

Behavioral studies show that follow-up mail sent to these addresses isn’t opened nearly as often, if at all.

Worse yet, many enewsletters – including those that are opt-in – are being consigned to bulk mail folders along with the spam, which many recipients never bother to review.

This could be relegating your emarketing message to a level of obscurity that’s worse than even the lamest direct mail effort.

The lesson for B2B marketers: don’t focus solely on the surface positives of ecommunications. And be sure to consider email marketing as just one part of a multifaceted marketing effort – not your single “silver bullet” solution.


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