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Email Marketing Communications: One click from oblivion

The siren call of email marketing is tempting … and it’s easy to see why. Who wants to spend precious funds on printing and postage when you can send your message to hundreds or thousands of recipients for mere pennies?

It seems everyone has come to the same conclusion, judging from clogged email inboxes, abysmal open rates and ever-more aggressive spam filter programs that weed out as many messages as possible before you ever see them.

The best way to make sure your email messages don’t become a casualty in this environment is to focus on familiarity and relevance. You’ll have a problem if:

  • The recipient doesn’t recognize your name or company in the “From” line.
  • The subject line isn’t relevant.
  • Your e-mail looks like personal correspondence, but turns out to be an HTML mass mailing or content not related to the subject line.

And even if you get past these hurdles, you have just three or four seconds to capture a person’s interest once your e-mail is opened. Otherwise, it’s trash time.

Pretty obvious points, but crafting your e-mail campaigns to avoid these pitfalls is easier said than done. 


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