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Your Email Promotion Copy: It's probably too long

We’re all familiar with the “KISS” acronym:  Keep it simple, stupid.  But in email copywriting, one could change the definition to: Keep it short, stupid.

This is because promotion emails that contain extensive copy risk losing their connection with the reader by burying the value story in a wash of unnecessary verbiage.

That’s particularly true when the “call to action” is to get recipients to click through to a web microsite for additional information.

Too often, marketers confuse the purpose of the email message with that of the landing page itself.  So instead of an effort to generate a click through action that will deliver more information and detail, the lengthy e-mail actually reads more like the landing page itself.

Not only does this make the tone of the email message less personal and direct, it makes it less likely for someone to click on the web link.

Here’s a suggestion the next time you’re writing email promo copy:  Once you’ve finished it, cut the length in half.  Then cut some more.

Oh, and be sure to include bullet points or other short bursts of copy … those are easier to view and to “internalize” when reading the message on a computer screen or mobile device.

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