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Customize your message to generate your ideal Website Traffic

For many businesses, the web has become the single most important tool for brand expression and customer interaction. But despite making major investments in creating interactive and engaging content to entice visitors, often the result is low conversions, high abandonment rates, and general lack of interest.

Perhaps the problem is web sites trying to be “all things to all people” and not focusing on their ideal website traffic. This is especially true of corporate sites that have been built around the internal organization of their company. Naturally, every department expects to have its share of the limelight … but rarely does this dovetail neatly with where your most important market opportunities lie.

Online segmentation and content targeting can improve the performance of your site. Start by segmenting your customer base into distinct groups characterized by “like” behavioral attributes. Next, identify the ones that will potentially generate the highest value, and develop specific web content and navigation for those key targets.

Avoid the temptation to divide your market into many small, less distinct segments, as those will be difficult to manage and will dilute your resources. Instead, focus on the “low-hanging fruit” where your investment will pay off more handsomely.

What’s the payoff? Online segmentation and content targeting will make your web site more relevant to your most important users … and will engage them in a more effective way. It will also help your marketing campaigns by improving direct response metrics and speeding up the sales process.

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