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Focusing FAQ Content to Improve the User Experience

Many websites have them … but too often, it’s a text-heavy Q&A list presented in no particular order.  How is that improving the web experience for your visitors?  Too often, it isn’t helping much at all.

In order to turn your FAQ content page into something that’s truly working, focus on these factors:

  • Make sure the questions you list are actually ones that are “frequently asked.”  Figure them out by studying customer service e-mails, call center reports and so forth.  Keep FAQ information timely and fresh, too.

  • Structure the FAQ list so it’s easy to scan.  Use anchor links showing broad topics at the top of the page that will take readers down to the area they need.  Use keyword analysis to make sure the most critical terms “pop out” at readers.

  • Add a web form or some other feedback mechanism on the page in case a reader’s question isn’t shown on the list.  Make it easy for readers to get in touch – and tell them how quickly they’ll hear back from you.

  • Conduct a usability test. Confirm what expectations are when readers land there and whether your content is fitting the bill.  It’ll help you refine your FAQ page and make it better.

One final point:  By working FAQ content into your site’s main structure, you may find that you don’t actually need a separate FAQ page.  But one thing’s for sure:  A FAQ page should never be a crutch for a failed information architecture or content strategy.


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