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Is your Website “Legal”?  

We’re surprised at how many websites seem to forget all about some of the most fundamental content elements every site should contain.

Consider that your website is your “shop window” in cyberspace.  Even though visitors many never engage with you in a physical location, they still want the assurance that your business is legitimate and legally compliant. 

Your website can help convey that assurance … or it can do the exact opposite.

Focusing on the following “bottom of the web page” information points can help you build that trust – and ?stay on the right side of the law as well:

Identify yourself – Build trust by making sure people can see your geographical address, phone number and other company information.  More than simply building trust, the law takes this seriously, too – especially if you’re selling products and services online.

Privacy policy – State how you deal with users’ data:  the type of data you collect; what you do with that data; and any third parties who may be given access to the information.

Cookie policy – New laws require website users to be informed that cookies will be served – and to be given the opportunity to accept or decline cookies. A popup bar can draw users’ attention to your cookie policy and state that by continuing to use the site, they will be accepting cookies.

Terms of use – Include statements about your website’s content being your intellectual property, and also state that any outbound links to external websites are going to content over which you have no control.

Copyright issues – Outline your policy clearly to protect the content and layout of your website.  On the flip side, check the origin of any external material you plan to upload and obtain permission, as necessary, to use it.  An explicit copyright statement on your site will make your case stronger if you ever find yourself a target of intellectual property theft.

In truth, minding the “small print” in cyberspace is every bit as important as it ever was in the offline world!


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