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Content Quality: It’s all the Rage

You put significant energy into building a business that delivers value to your customers.  Your online content should do the same.

“Content” is all the rage today.  And why not?  Getting high search rankings is first and foremost a matter of having unique, relevant and worthwhile content.

It’s not hocus-pocus … and you’ll be ahead of the game if you focus on a few key fundamentals:

  • Build web content for people, not search bots.
  • Make a strong effort to differentiate your content.
  • Avoid “tricky” tactics to “juice” search rankings when the content isn’t there to support them, since these can backfire.

Google augments its evaluation by utilizing third-party “human-quality raters” to gauge how accurately their algorithms are indexing search results by quality. Part of the evaluation process is “categorizing” content to determine its quality and relevance:

  • Vital content – information about a company’s products and services.
  • Useful content – like product reviews and ratings.
  • Relevant content – information that’s more general.
  • Slightly relevant content – information that relates to the search topic only marginally.
  • Off-topic content – just what it implies.

The reality is this:  There is no shortcut to achieve successful search engine rankings.  Google and the other major search engines are onto every trick in the book. Indeed, there’s no substitute for expending time and energy to create online content that is interesting, relevant and unique.


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