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Web Presence: Electrify your Message

Customers who visit your website are looking for one thing: information about your products or services.

Give it to them!

This doesn't mean that your site should consist of a list of black-type bullet points on a white background. But your information should be easy to obtain, not hidden behind the "gee-whiz"  electronic trick of the day.

Also, don't force your visitors to search through screens of meaningless fluff to find what they're looking for. They're your guests. Be courteous of their time.

Good website design coneys a strong image of your company and aids visitors in their search for information. Design the navigation components so that the desired information is easy to find. Then make sure it delivers what they're looking for in a concise manner.

Take a one-on-one conversational tone, loaded with the benefits your products or services provide. Back these up with pertinent facts, but avoid the temptation to throw in every possible detail.

One blessing of the Internet is speed. Don't bog your site down with more information than your customers want or need. Doing this will give them what they came for – and leave them with a favorable perception of your company.


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