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Effective content creation in 15 minutes a day.

Content is central to everything in the MarComm realm. Good content is also the key to a successful blog or social media program.  In the digital and social world, it’s about quality and quantity.  

One of the big complaints we hear often is how difficult it is to create daily content that speaks meaningfully to customers and prospects and engages their attention.  Some marketers are spending an hour or more each day creating blog or social content.  But is this really necessary?

If you’re facing this situation, it may be time for some serious streamlining.  What if you set an upper limit of 20 minutes per day spent on content creation?  Could you make it happen?  

Here are a few ways to meet this challenge:

  • RSS newsfeeds are a treasure trove of relevant information.  Capture them and summarize the content in your own news posts – giving credit where credit is due, of course.  You’ll find you can spend 15 minutes or less on each one and still end up with a quality post.
  • Video clips – Many people enjoy watching them, so why not tap into this dynamic?  YouTube has become the repository for millions of videos – some of them highly germane to your target audience.  Subscribe to industry channels to view new uploads “as they happen”. Then write comments on each selected video and post them to your blog with a link. Fifteen minutes – and you’re done.
  • Infographics are highly visual and engage viewers.  And they’re all over the Web. Find and paste a relevant infographic into your blog post along with brief editorial comments – and you’re done.

By following these and other easy steps in your day-to-day content creation, you’ll  have the time to craft those important, highly “custom” posts about your own new products, services and company news.  

Make sure you do a few other things as well.  Cross-pollinate blog posts with your various social media platforms.  Structure your posts properly and throw in some good SEO techniques, and you’ll start seeing better results in search engine rankings, too.  

Remember, the key to success is quality and quantity.  


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