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Landing Pages: What happens after the click?

Too often, web landing pages are an afterthought in a MarComm initiative.  But experienced marketers know that a web landing page can make or break a campaign.

Getting people to click on your banner ad or e-mail link is meaningless if the web landing page doesn’t do its job and advance the ball down the court.  So what makes one landing page “work” while another one languishes?

A web landing page works if you incorporate a heavy dose of simplicity, clarity and trust. Neuroscience research tells us that when processing new information, our brains tend to become frustrated by visual clutter, tasks that take too long to resolve, and messages that distract or don’t apply.  So give visitors to your web landing page the simplest path to conversion:

  • Is your message crystal clear, or is it awash in a sea of supporting documentation?
  • Are you offering too many choices on where to go and what to do?  (For starters, try removing the main navigation that normally exists on your website pages.)
  • How “approachable” are your forms?  Do they risk intimidating people by the amount of information you’re requesting?

Remember also that people judge what you offer – and the trustworthiness of your brand – based on the appearance of your website.  It’s been said that the best design is one that isn’t noticed … it just gets the job done.

While it should foster an emotional response, good design doesn’t draw attention to itself, but establishes trust and credibility.

Want to explore ways to improve your web landing pages?  We’re ready to help.


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