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Make your Press Releases more SEO Friendly

Today, most marketers know that press releases play a role beyond the traditional business and trade media gatekeepers.  With the right approach, you can use press releases to gain visibility in cyberspace without relying solely on these middlemen.

And that means search engine optimization.  Here are some pointers for preparing press releases to be SEO-friendly:

  • Select powerful keywords – As you prepare your PR, identify “focus” keywords that will aid your SEO efforts.  Pick several that are the most relevant and insert them in critical areas like the headline, sub-headlines, and near the top of body text.
  • Alphabet soup – Acronyms and techy abbreviations are fine, but spell them out as well so you have a broader set of keyword phrases to work with.  (The same goes for brand references.)
  • Take advantage of distribution channels – Several of the “paid” web wire services have robust SEO packages you can tap into, making them worth the added cost.

One thing never changes in PR, of course:  Make sure your press release topics and content are newsworthy!  That’s easily determined by asking two questions before doing anything else:

  • Why should anyone care about this news?
  • What’s in it for the reader?

If you don’t have good answers for either of these questions (and be honest with yourself), your PR topic is probably weak and won’t gain very much traction.


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