Kendall PropertiesWebsite Development

A simple yet elegant website design

Kendall Properties, LLC is a property management and leasing company located in Kent County, Maryland. Being a client that we had already done work with prior, the opportunity came up to create a small website to feature their properties available for lease. Our task was to create an elegant, interesting experience with a minimal amount of content.


Featuring properties and local area in a parallax design

By adding a parallax effect (where one element scrolls at a different speed than another) containing background images of the town and local area, we were able to create a home page that is interesting, dynamic, and keeps you scrolling!


A website that is easy for non-developers to manage

In addition to the parallax effect on the home page, the images of the properties are dynamic – meaning that they will change each time someone visits the website ensuring a new experience with every visit!

Also, we set up a simple, easy to manage administrative area of the website for our client and their staff to be able to add, edit, and remove properties when necessary.

You can visit the website here:

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