Do customers feel led to engage with you emotionally?

Written by: Phillip Nones

A few years ago, Harvard Business Review magazine conducted a simple experiment by sending out a ten-question survey requesting customer feedback. That action alone resulted in a positive impact on customer retention rates – the fact that absolutely nothing was done with the data collected didn’t seem to matter!

This experiment illustrates that participation helps create a more emotional bond between your brand and your customers. When customers believe you’re listening to them and care about their opinions, the rules of the game change. They become more attached to your product or service and more forgiving of any issues that might otherwise hurt the relationship.

Thanks to the Internet, today there are more options than ever in how companies can interact with customers. Not just in traditional surveys, but also blogs, wikis and numerous other engagement tools. Not only will these help forge a closer bond with your customers, you’ll likely learn valuable insights as well.

Don’t dissect your next campaign to death. Instead, do all you can to strip away stuffy organizational layers. Connect with your customers and generate some truly interesting buzz. As a side benefit, you’ll also become more passionate about your business!


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