Web Development

Research shows that nearly half of all visitors to a website leave with a changed perception of the brand. What’s your site telling your customers and prospects?

Chances are, your website has gone through several major iterations over the years, but how is it doing today? Consider this:

  • Many sites begin with a good design and crisp content … but morph into something far less compelling over time.
  • How optimized is your site content for search engines?  The “best practice” techniques are evolving daily.
  • How well have you balanced site optimization efforts against having content that is readable and  flows naturally?
  • Are you stuck with a site that can’t be managed by administrative (non-IT) personnel?

Mullin/Ashley can help you improve your web presence. We take the time to analyze your needs so that your website works well for you today – and in the future.

Our support includes:

  • Initial consultation and goal-setting
  • Review of current web presence and recommendations for the most effective, cost-efficient platform
  • Developing persuasive web content that communicates well while being optimized for better search page rankings
  • Complete pre-launch site testing
  • Support for your website promotion and publicity
  • Complete web registration and hosting services
  • Website maintenance and troubleshooting

You’re in Control

We build custom websites using WordPress, Joomla and other platforms so you can manage them easily yourself – with no need for specialized IT or programming knowledge. We’ll even train your staff if you wish.

We invite you to learn how an enhanced web presence can benefit your business. Introductory meetings and project proposals are provided at no obligation.

Ask Yourself ...

• Is my website appealing and engaging as well as informative?

• Is it fast-loading?

• Is it easy to navigate?

• Is it easy to find information intuitively?

• Does it encourage feedback and interaction?

• How does it compare against competitors' websites?

• When is the last time new content was added?

• Would I want to visit the site again?

Web Development Packages

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