Website Analytics and ROI Tracking

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Have you recently invested time and money into a marketing campaign or creation of a website? Do you know the results of that campaign in terms of Return on Investment (ROI)?

Many new digital marketing channels have been created in recent years. While nearly all businesses have been active in many of these channels the majority of those businesses do not know how to measure ROI effectively.

In regards to your website …

• Do you know which of your pages has the longest time-on-page?

• Which page is your audience leaving the most?

• Is your search engine traffic converting to sales?

• Why are people who visit your site through a link on social media and leaving right away?

• What does the typical journey through your website look like for someone who makes an online purchase on your site?


We can help you answer all of these questions and more.

We will create a plan to measure the ROI of your campaigns and help you interpret the data so that you can compare results from different campaigns and act upon new marketing strategies with confidence.

You will then have the answers you need to make sound strategic decisions for your future endeavors.

We Can Help You Today!

Contact Mullin/Ashley to learn how you can track your analytics, measure ROI and have a clearer focus for future campaigns.

Are You Measuring?

• Bounce Rate

• Traffic Flow

• Social Media ROI

• Loading Speed

• Top Landing Pages

• Conversions By Channel

• Most Common Exit Pages

• Sales Funnel Visualization

Analytics Packages

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